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Life Change Ministries

                What WE Do . . .

       At Life Change Ministries, we understand how overwhelming life can be.  We understand the need to find someone who understands, who offers compassion and acceptance, and who will help you discover the hope and skills you need to bring change.

Using a Christ-Life Model, Life Change Ministries will partner with you to help bring growth and transformation from the inside/out.  We have genuine commitment to a ministry of compassion and reconciliation.  We are committed to providing professional counseling, consulting, and preventive programs that respect you and meet you at  your point of need.

Don't allow life's challenges to overwhelm you.  Don't allow anxiety, worry, fear and confusion to consume you.  Life Change Ministries can help you make the right choices that will affect positive change in your thoughts, motivations, words, conversation, behavior,and relational patterns that often times get lost amidst the confusion in your life.

The founders of this ministry has over 25 years of experience in providing excellence in Biblical Counseling by communicating the truths of Scripture and Jesus Christ in an accurate, clear and practical manner.  They have a history of bringing people to an understanding of God's desire for their lives as well as maturity in their Christian walk.  The work has been done whenever and wherever possible--in the church, within the community organizations and elsewhere they are dedicated to providing support, counsel and care by coming alongside to "...bear each others burdens...." (Galatians 6:2)